I was in Main Art the other day debating between two sketchbooks. They were both landscape style, meant for watercolors primarily. One was a Moleskine with 70 pages going for 17 dollars, the other was the same brand sketchbook I used last semester with 128 pages at 15 dollars. I stood there for a moment with the sketchbooks in either hand before deciding on the Moleskine against all better judgement. WE'RE IN A RECESSION, THAT TWO DOLLARS COULD HAVE GONE TO FEEDING MY FAMILY.

And a blog post with only two pictures is lame, yes, but it beats working on a lit essay.


Prison Mike

This is a project from DigitalDrawing. The assignment was to create a tutorial and while I was brainstorming ideas of what I could possibly instruct anybody on, I started doodling him. I don't know what that says about my sub conscience but whatever it is, I probably wouldn't like it.


More old sketches from last semester.


PBBHT (that's the sound of a sketch dump)

My first blog post! Too bad I have nothing of note to say. These are a few pages from last semester's green sketchbook. Not a whole lot to explain. OH, except to say that if some of the pages look blurred in areas it's most likely because last semester I foolishly (FOOLISHLY) scanned a still wet watercolor and didn't clean the glass off properly (PROPERLY)

oh and on this last page all the writing is dialogue from The Departed, in case anyone mistakes it for schizoid scrawl